Rebalancing for Smaller Advisory Firms

Are your clients' investment accounts balanced?

You'll know in minutes

 With RebalanceMax™ you will know in minutes if any of your the client allocations are out of range. In a few more minutes you can determine the optimum change to bring a investment management client back into acceptable balance and submit the trades. You always have complete visibility and control over the rebalancing trades generated. 

Ideal for small practices

 If you are spending too much time or too much money on allocation and rebalancing chores for your investment management clients, then ReblanceMax is perfect!

Designed by practicing investment advisors

We know what you need to make the tedious job of rebalancing quick, accurate, and easy.

Not a black box

 You can easily visualize the rebalancing trades required and the trades entered. 

Works great for

* Mutual fund allocations such as DFA and ETFs

* Charles Schwab & Co. for automatic trade entry

* About 100 clients

* Any number of client accounts to be householded

* Any number of securities for an asset class

* Securities that belong to multiple asset classes

* Viewing and Rebalancing Meta Asset Classes (bonds, stocks, etc.)

* PC running Windows and Excel

RebalanceMax does all the work

It eliminates all the tedious work of organizing the client holdings into the appropriate asset classes and measuring the target % vs. actual % for quick rebalancing.

It permits you to enter trades and visualize them across all client accounts. Or you can ask the program to suggest trades that you can quickly review and, if necessary, easily override.

It automatically generates a trade import file (for Schwab currently).

About Us



 Our flagship product is a program that vastly accelerates the process of viewing your clients' current asset allocation vs. your target asset allocation, making the needed rebalancing changes, and submitting the trades to your custodian.


A Proven Approach

RebalanceMax has been in use by multiple firms for rebalancing for more than a decade. It is a stable product that requires few, if any, fixes and updates.



 $4995 per user for the first year which includes assisted setup and training for 50 investment management clients along with continuing support. Additional years are $1995 + inflation for each user. 


Often RebalanceMax users want a customization developed for them. This may include, for example, additional custodial interfaces, client reporting worksheets, and additional analysis within RebalanceMax. Pricing: $150 per hour.

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Investment Advisors and Financial Planning firms are always pressed for time. RebalanceMax saves enormous amounts of time even while rebalancing more often than you are able to now, all for a very reasonable price. Compare our price to other stable rebalancing products and you'll be pleasantly surprised!

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