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Are your clients' investment accounts balanced?

With RebalanceMax you will know in minutes if any of your the client allocations are out of range. In a few more minutes you can determine the optimum change to bring a client back into acceptable balance and submit the trades. You always have complete control over the trades generated.


  • Ideal for small practices that are spending too much time on allocation and rebalancing chores for their investment management clients.
  • Designed by practicing investment advisors who know what you need to make the tedious job of rebalancing quick and accurate.
  • Report facility makes identifying the work needed quick and easy.
  • Any number of securities may belong to an asset class.
  • Securities may belong to multiple asset classes.
  • Clients may have any number of accounts.
  • You can always choose to be in charge of the trades generated (no black box).
  • Works best with stable mutual fund and ETF allocations.
  • Reduces or eliminates trade errors since almost all data entry are automated.
  • Uses the familiar Excel user interface backed up by 30,000+ lines of software. No complex formulas to figure out.
  • Attractive client reports are available.
  • In continuous use for 14+ years.
  • A server is not required and no web site upload is needed.
  • Setup should take about five days for 50 clients and we will assist.
  • Custom features can be accomplished just for your needs.


  • PortfolioCenter® or Centerpiece®
  • Schwab or Fidelity as custodian
  • Excel® 2010 or later
  • PC running Windows® 8/7/Vista®/XP/2000
  • Mac with OS X or later and VM Ware 4.1.3 or later


  • After each download, export all Client holdings.
  • Start RebalanceMax and click <Report>.
  • Review the clients flagged with an out-of-balance condition and  click <Auto Rebalance> to view the suggested trades shown inside a current vs. target allocation worksheet.
  • Review the trades and click <Trade> to generate a file for import to your custodian.

RebalanceMax does all the tedious work of organizing the client holdings into the appropriate asset classes and measuring the target % vs. actual %.

For more product details including pricing, click "Products and Pricing" below.

Excel, Windows, and Vista are Registered Trademarks of Microsoft, Inc. PortfolioCenter, and Centerpiece are Registered Trademarks of Schwab Performance Technologies.

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